Expertise for clients looking to grow

Our clients share our view that human capital is a strategic investment that builds and grows great organizations. While our focus is function-specific, we work across all industry sectors and across all geographies, with major corporations, professional services firms, and other progressive enterprises as our clients.

Here are a few reasons we excel in serving companies like yours:

We know your search is unique

Unlike some functional areas where positions are more standardized, in the human capital function, we know ‘custom’ is standard.  We understand and are comfortable recruiting in this function where leadership titles, roles and responsibilities are unique to each organization and its goals.  We expertly advise clients on how to successfully structure and communicate each search we undertake for them.

We know or can quickly find the talent you seek

Over its more than thirty year history, Alexander Ross has cultivated relationships with an impressive network of candidates and sources.  We have built our reputation on our ability to professionally and credibly market opportunities to our strategic talent network.  We can quickly describe the target of our search and locate high potential candidates, including those highly attractive but not evidently “in market” top performers.  And, in the event you are looking to us to rescue a stalled search, we can also apply our skills to candidates identified in your recent search efforts.

We know what ‘superior’ looks like

We know the talent market and transformative human capital functions very well.  We skillfully assess the experience, capabilities, and intangible qualities that define leaders with impact.  In short, our experience enables us to quickly distinguish top potential performers and best fit candidates.

We know how to close the deal

Finding and attracting transformative human capital talent is our specialty.  But we don’t stop there.  Because we are committed to the success of our clients and candidates, we guide both clients and final candidates through a successful hiring process and create a platform for future success.