Alexander Ross has chosen three areas of distinction in the field of executive search:

Our talent is transformative

We focus our expertise and our searches on high-caliber leadership talent.  More than just senior in experience, the candidates we identify and attract are what we describe as transformative – talent that is growth-oriented, culturally adept and change-agile.

We look for people who are intellectually strong and emotionally intelligent, who think cross-culturally, who build constituency and lead through influence and “know-how”, and who architect agile organizations to interpret business agendas into goal-states.

Our ability to identify and place transformative talent is a true differentiator for our firm and one which can create a competitive advantage for your organization.

We focus exclusively on the strategic elements of the human capital function

Most search firms offer services across multiple levels and functional roles, looking equally for CFOs or sales managers.  We believe that absolute focus delivers more value for our clients and candidates. That’s why we search exclusively within the linked professional disciplines of:

  • Organizational Design, Development and Effectiveness
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Talent Management
  • Leadership Learning and Development

Our experience as international human capital leaders and in the search field gives us keen insights into the marketplace for top organizational talent, credibility with candidates, and exceptional abilities to recognize superior performers, read circumstances, interpret cultures and evaluate fit.

We are a boutique, by design

We are, by design, a specialized, agile, and seasoned boutique search firm.  Our structure allows our principals to provide personalized attention and stay with a search until we find the best candidates for a client.  Our expertise allows us to optimally structure searches, position client companies and roles in the most relevant and compelling way, and attract the transformative talent that will help our clients achieve their strategic goals.